Home plumbing basics

The plumbing system in your home has two separate subsystems ā€“ one brings in the pressurized fresh water, while the other takes the wastewater out of your home.
The pressure of the water is reduce to make it suitable for different fixtures by passing it through plumbing pipes with a smaller diameter.
A main valve provides close to the water meter, which can be used to shut off the supply of water to the home, in case there is an emergency like a major leakage in a plumbing pipe.
There may be a separate hot water supply system that carries freshwater through a water heater to various outlets, appliances, and fixtures where they need.
The wastewater system carries wastewater from your home to a sewer system or septic tank. This is done by means of gravity, and there is no pressurization involved.
There is a ā€œUā€ shaped trap under each sink, tub and toilet. This fill with water, and prevents the sewer gas from flowing back into your home.

roof sticking vent

There is also a plumbing vent that you may have seen sticking out from the roof of your home, which allows air to enter the wastewater system. The air helps the wastewater to flow out smoothly.
Before carrying out any plumbing additions or repairs, you need to make sure that they comply with the plumbing code. The local codes official will provide information about this.
An experienced contractor will design a plumbing system that works efficiently and meets all the plumbing code requirements.
Obtain quotes from at least three contractors, and call up references provided by them before you make a selection. Look for competent plumbers who have the necessary licenses and insurance.
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