Paving and patios

Paving and patios

Experienced paving and patios contractors can help you to weigh the pros and cons of the different materials that you can use to pave your patio, path, or driveway.
Some of the options available are clay pavers, paving brick, concrete blocks, ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, timber, slate, granite, limestone, and sandstone.

Brick pavers patios or paving

Brick pavers patios or paving blocks provide a more formal look. While pebbles and gravel patios will give a more informal look to your home. Blocks and bricks may cost only a little more than paving slabs or paving flags, and they look great on patios, paths and drives.
Concrete blocks designed to look like terracotta, sandstone, and limestone. They offer a practical alternative to asphalt paving for driveways and internal roads, and look a lot better.
You may prefer to use tiles or cement aggregate finishes if you want a more permanent solution. Concrete, ceramic, or terracotta paving tiles have to lay on a concrete bed, but they may prove to be more affordable if you need to cover a large area.
Paving stone costs a lot and has to lay on a concrete base, but it looks great and lasts for a really long time. Clay pavers are skid-resistant, good to look at, and last longer, but are susceptible to staining, and corrosion.
If you cannot afford any other option, you can also opt for paving paint, which can used to cover an unattractive vinyl or concrete surface.

before laying paving

The site needs to be prepared properly before laying paving, to ensure that it will last for a long time. You need to measure the area to calculate the expense involved in using different types of surfaces.
Always obtain quotes from at least three contractors, who have the necessary expertise, and are licensed and insured. Ask for references and contact them to find out about their experiences with the service providers.
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