Tile and stone

Tile and stone

Tile and stone surfaces are very popular, and they can give a building a distinguished look. It is worth finding out about the different types of tiles and stones, so you can make the right choice for your home.

Ceramic tile

For long-lasting and follow-maintenance ceramic we can use ceramic tile. It can be installed on new buildings, and can also be used to give existing buildings a new and attractive look. Tile is available in a variety of colors, designs, and textures, and offers design possibilities!

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Wall tile is design as water-resistant, though it may not be waterproof. The most common size in which it is available in the United States is 4 ¼ inches square. Floor tile is designed to last very long.
Tiles are classified into five grades, with grade one being the lowest and grade five being the highest. Grade one tile ceramics are meant to use in areas where there is very light traffic, and grade five tiles are meant for use in industrial settings with very rough use, and exposure to chemicals.

types of tile and stone

Quarry tiles

Quarry tiles come in different shapes and sizes, and are extremely durable. Porcelain floor tiles are very hard and it is not easy to cut them. Unglazed porcelain tiles are use for industrial applications, where you need a non-slip surface.

Mosaic tile 

Mosaic tile is commonly use for commercial applications. Tiny mosaic tiles come mounted on sheets of backing paper.
Natural stone has been popular through the ages, and it has not lost any of its appeal even now. Natural stone is increasingly use by designers to create great looking and long lasting buildings. Marble, granite, limestone, slate, and basalt are some of the most popular types of natural stone.

Marble stone

The Marble stone comes in a wide range of colors and is easy to install. Granite is available in different colors and variegated shades. Limestone is softer and is easy to work with, and most varieties come with a honed finish.
Slate is form in layers and it usually comes with a honed finish. Basalt is a hard, non-porous stone that is available in a variety of finishes.

It is worth taking time to look for an expert contractor for stone and tile installation. Obtain quotes from at least three contractors, and make sure that they have the necessary licenses and insurance. Ask for references and call them up to find out about the quality of service they provided.

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