Masonry and stucco

Masonry and stucco projects

Buildings constructed with masonry and stucco can have a traditional or modern look with a beautiful textured surface. Masonry involves working with bricks and mortar to build a home, and stucco finishes are exterior coatings that are usually applied in two or three layers, on masonry as well as other surfaces.

Stucco coat

Stucco coat is a plaster that is applied while it is wet. It covers less attractive building materials, and gives buildings a more attractive look. Stucco plaster is usually made by mixing cement with water, sand and lime.
The final layer of stucco walls will give a smooth finish, or a decorative textured finish. A stucco surface is quite strong, and can withstand exposure to moisture.
Panels made to look like stucco can also used to make the surface of a building. They composed of cement or foam insulation and look exactly like the real thing! though they may not be as strong and resistant to moisture.
Stucco finish is use to create a wide variety of textures, and color tints can added to the final coat. Stucco exterior is becoming more and more popular because it is quite affordable.

Masonry and stucco paint contractors

Masonry and stucco paint contractors can help you to install new walls and surfaces. They also repair and renovate existing surfaces.
It is worth taking time to look for a reliable contractor who has the know-how and experience to handle your masonry and stucco installation project. Obtain quotes from at least three reputed contractors before you make up your mind.
Make sure that the service provider has a license and insured, and call up references to find out about the past performance of the contractor before making a deal.
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