Garden fencing

Garden fencing demarcates the boundary between two homes, and provides security and privacy. It can enhance the looks of your home and hide unwanted objects.
There are many different types of fencing, including wood fencing, chain link fencing, electric fence, invisible fence, wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and classic picket fencing.
The choice of fencing for your home may depend on the purpose for which you want to erect a garden fence, and your budget.

Some of the reasons why people erect garden fencing are – to create a boundary, to prevent unlawful entry by human beings or animals, or to keep children and pets from straying from the yard. Garden fences are also erected for decorative purposes and to provide support to climbing plants.

TYpe of fences

Wooden fences, chain link fences, and barbed wire fences can help to keep children and pets from leaving the home, and can also deter intruders. A wood fence may look much better than the other two options.
An electric fence will give a shock to any animal or human being who bumps into it. An invisible dog fence is meant to keep your pet within a particular area of your home. You will have to bury wires to demarcate the area, and if your dog attempts to leave the area, a special collar will give it a mild electrical shock.
An ornamental wrought iron fence looks great, and can help to prevent people and animals from entering or leaving your home. An aluminum fence can use to create the same decorative look, though it requires much less maintenance.

vinyl fence

A vinyl fence is very long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. While a traditional picket fence has decorative use, but it may not be effective in preventing the entry of intruders.
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