Building foundation and retaining walls

If you are having a house built, it helps if you know about how the foundation and retaining walls are built. The building foundation transfers the load to the ground. Foundations are basically of two types – shallow foundations and deep foundations.

Shallow concrete foundations

Shallow concrete foundation are build to a depth of less than 3 meters below the ground surface. These are use to support the load of the structure
A shallow house foundation may not be suitable in an area where the soil is weak and can be easily compressed. Shallow foundations include pad foundations, strip foundations, and raft foundations that use with different types of loads.
A deep home foundation may be needed if the soil near the surface is unsuitable for supporting the load. It is usually built to a depth of more than 3 meters below the finished ground surface, and is used to transfer the load of the structure to a deeper level where the soil is stronger and more stable.

Deep foundations

Deep foundations include piles, piers, caissons, and compensated foundations.
A retaining wall is use to hold back the soil on a slope from sliding onto a building or area. Garden retaining walls prevent the slope from erosion and stop downwards movement. Some of the types of landscaping retaining walls are gravity walls, piling walls, cantilever walls, and anchored walls.
The retaining walls are build of stone, timber and bricks. The choice of material may depend on the structural requirements. Whether the landscaping retaining wall will be used for decorative purposes.
It may be best to seek the advice of a competent landscape contractor and to find out about the requirements for approvals and building permits before you start building a retaining wall.
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