Drywall and plastering

Drywall and plastering projects

Drywall and plastering are two different methods of forming interior walls of buildings. Until the 1950s, lath and plaster were used to form walls. Lath and plaster is a process that involves spreading wet plaster over wooden strips.
After the 1950s drywall techniques started gaining popularity, and by the 1980s plastering had been almost completely replaced by drywall.

about Drywall panels

Drywall panels are also known as gypsum board, plasterboard, and wallboard. It is an inexpensive and versatile product that is widely use for forming walls and ceilings in the United States.
It is easy for a person with reasonable skills to install drywall board over framing, by means of fasteners. The fasteners and joints are cover with drywall tape and joint compound.
Plastering work requires a lot more skill. It is a much slower and more expensive process than the installation of drywall.
However, plaster may be much harder and resistant to dents than drywall. Modern plaster is much stronger than the plaster that was use in the past. Plastering is suitable for creating ornamental designs and shapes.
Most contractors are familiar with plastering techniques, as well as drywall construction. It is worth taking time to look for a licensed and insured drywall and plastering contractor who has the qualifications and experience to handle your project.

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