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Heating and ventilation systems

Heating and ventilation are provided by HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) systems that are capable of heating, cooling, and air handling. They can also maintain the air quality in a building.
Heating ventilating and air conditioning systems are particularly important in large industrial and office buildings with many floors, where it is essential to maintain the temperature, humidity, and air quality.
HVAC systems can have a significant effect on the productivity, comfort, and health of the occupants of a building.
A heating and ventilation system that is not properly designed or is not operating properly may provide inadequate ventilation, leading to poor air quality, and discomfort among the occupants of the building. Regular maintenance of heating and ventilation systems is essential to ensure that they continue to function properly.
Improvements in the heating and ventilating system can provide higher comfort levels, and a reduction in the energy used.
More than half the energy used in building may be accounted for by the heating ventilation air conditioning system, and any improvement in the energy efficiency of the system will lead to a considerable reduction in costs.
Architects and HVAC system designers need to work together while a building is being designed, to ensure that all the interrelated systems are designed to provide better indoor air quality, low energy consumption, and minimal environmental damage.
It pays to involve a professional HVAC ventilation system designer while designing your home. This can help you build a more comfortable home, and will reduce energy costs significantly.
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